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How to recycle summer treat packaging correctly

The barbecue is heating up, the sun is shining and the happy chatter is filling the garden – summer is here!

What could be better than getting together with family and friends to enjoy the best of summer? Preparing and enjoying summer delicacies, especially barbecue food, brings a lot of joy, but it’s also important to remember to be environmentally friendly. Barbecuing generates a lot of waste, especially from different types of packaging, but with a little effort it is easy to recycle.

In this blog post, we take a look at a few Ki-Sal products that are perfect for summer treats and give you some recycling tips. So keep reading and take the tips!

Cardboard box – SAPAP14012

A cardboard PE-coated box suitable for a variety of dry, moist or fatty foods. Excellent especially for salads. The box is available with a clear lid made of RPET plastic.

This is how you recycle:

Wipe clean if necessary or rinse gently with cold water. Flatten the jar and place it dry in a cardboard recycling bin.

Lid: Wipe clean if necessary or rinse gently with cold water. When dry, place in a plastic bin.

If cleaning the box requires a lot of hot water, it is better to put it in mixed waste.

Grill bag – BPKA

Convenient grill bag with handle, window and minigrip sealer. Ideal for whole chickens. Material: PET and CPP.

This is how you recycle:

Rinse gently with water and place dry in plastic bin. Greasy broilers are challenging to clean, so often they should be put in mixed waste.

Butcher paper LP5078

PE plastic-coated meat paper is suitable for packaging fatty foods. For example for meat or fish. Meat paper is available in both sheets and rolls.

This is how you recycle:

Rinse gently with water or wipe clean and place dry in cardboard bin. Dirty, wet paper should be disposed of in mixed waste.

Meat papers are also available with a HD coating, which allows the plastic to be torn away from the paper. If you can get the plastic clean with a little effort, sort it into the plastic collection and the paper part into the cardboard collection.

Hinged lid box LAR500-O

The box with a hinged lid made of PET plastic, ideal for salads, desserts or even Skagen.

This is how you recycle:

Rinse gently with cold water and sort dry in a plastic waste container. If the dirty box is difficult to clean, it should be disposed of with mixed waste.

Good to remember!

  • Recyclable packaging must be empty and clean enough to be recycled. A light rinse with cold water or a wipe with paper is sufficient. Stains are not a problem!
  • Packaging is clean enough to recycle if it can be kept indoors for a few days without smelling. If a lot of water is needed for cleaning, it is more environmentally friendly to put the packaging in mixed waste.
  • Do not put plastic packaging inside each other unless you are sure they are the same type of plastic. In the recycling process, the plastic grades are identified by a reader and separated, but the reader can only read the outermost package.

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